Data Protection Notice

Compagnia di Volpaia fully complies with its legal obligations under the Data Protection Act, Law 196/2003. Detailed information is provided herein of the company’s adherence to Section 13, regarding protection of personal data, and Section 23, regarding user’s consent to provide their personal information.

By completing the order form and providing the personal information requested, you agree to give your consent for your personal data to be used for commercial, fiscal, administrative and/or information purposes, which relate solely and exclusively to our business dealings with you. (Law 196/03, Section 13).

Compagnia di Volpaia will only use your personal data for its business dealings with you. The company agrees to hold all personal data provided by you in full compliance with the law. The company also agrees to meet in full all its legal obligations under the Data Protection Act. The company will not breach any of the terms and conditions set out under the Law. The company will lawfully hold your personal data both electronically and on paper, and will protect your personal information from unauthorised outside access.

The personal data you give to us, or which has been obtained in compliance with Section 13 of Law 196/03, will only be used for the purposes of undertaking our contractual duties with you. Your personal may be used for legal and fiscal purposes pertaining to our business dealings with you.
Your personal data may be transferred to third parties, such as banks, insurance companies, express courier agents, as a necessary part of our business dealings with you, and only with your express permission and consent.

Compagnia di Volpaia is legally responsible for keeping your personal data.

You are legally entitled to access your personal data at any time under Section 7 of Law 196/03. You have the legal right to modify, cancel or challenge any of the personal information the company holds on you by sending an email to:

Compagnia di Volpaia will not, under any circumstances, allow your personal data to be used for commercial purposes. The company will not allow third parties to send you advertising material or use your personal data for market research or any form of interactive commercial communication without your express permission and consent.


We strive to ensure the safety of your personal data at all times. In order to prevent unauthorised access or use of your personal data, we adopt several different procedures - physical, electronic and managerial - to safeguard and protect the information you provide us through our website.


Our website may contain links to other websites. However, once you leave our website to visit these links, we cannot to take any responsibility for the personal data you may provide when navigating these websites, as we have no control over them whatsoever. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for protecting the privacy of the personal data you may provide when navigating these websites. Please note that other websites may not come under the same legal jurisdiction, and may be governed by different laws pertaining to data protection.


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Our website uses cookies to allow us to see how our clients use our site. Cookies help us to improve our website and monitor those pages which users find helpful and those pages which users find less useful.

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